Old Salopian Football Club Schools Game squad

George Curtis
- Recent leaver
- Ex 1st XI - Member of the Boodles ISFA 2010 winning side.
- Holding central midfielder.
- Strongest attribute; Passing
Nick Field
Played centre midfield for the 2nd XI and A XI for two years
William Frost
School House, 1st XI Football: 2005-2007
Bristol Uni 2s, Futsal 1s: 2010
Ed Hector
Port Hill 1991-1996
1st XV
2nd XI 1994-6
Tom Kelly
left 4 years ago, ex 1s, now playing 1s at leeds
Tim Tait
NW based
Ben Tonge
NW based
Jack Walton
Played seconds predominately and occasionally for the 1sts 11. CB/CM