Old Salopian Football Club 3rd XI squad

Fred Baccanello
Old Ridgemount.
Likes to attack.
Dislikes Cows.
George Barker
Attended Shrewsbury 2005-2010. Head of House of Port Hill. 1st XI Goal Keeper.
Angus Barthram
Kevin Nolan
Toby Bennett
2007-09 2nd XI central midfielder.
Sam Bower
Same year as HF. Up front. Not thought to be available 2011-12
Max Brydon
Left in August 2007, im currently at manchester university. Represented school 1st and 2nd XI. Very keen to play as much football as i can.
Toby Clowes
Left Shrewsbury 2004, live in Parsons Green and work in St James's for Chase and Partners.
Patrick Duncan
Left/central midfield.  left school in 2005 - 2 years in the 2nd XI 
Ben Garfitt
Recent leaver CB ex 1s
Adrian Hobcroft
Sam Jarvis
overweight, bareful useful.
Alex Joynson
Cultured. Drawing from influences of Xavi, Iniesta and Carlton Palmer.
David Klotz
Alastair Lloyd
Played 1st and 2nd's football...was captain of the 2nds In my final year 2008. Now at Manchester Uni doing a years placement in London next year.
Toby Maybury
I am from Shrewsbury originally and was in Radbrook when I was at school, and I have recently moved to London having started a graduate job in the city. Being new to the city I am keen to get involved in a football team asap. I have already joined a 5 a side team for midweek, and would like to get involved in OS football for the weekend. I played for Bristol University last year, as well as for two 5 a side teams and a team that competed in the Bristol Saturday league. I played as centre mid, centre back and as a striker at various stages for different teams. I have just come back from the end of year tour when we went to Prague for just over a week. I want to get involved with OS football to meet some new people (and maybe catch up with some I already know) and to enjoy a good level of football.
Worapath Parksook
'06 leaver. Severn Hill. Now doing masters in London.
Jack Travers
2010 - No longer in London.

I can play anywhere accross the park but am most happy as a defensive midfielder.
Andy Umpleby
In Canada
Performance history